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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you deliver?

Absolutely! Delivery (including basic setup) within the greater Permian Basin 'Petroplex' is only $35, including pickup after your event. If you need delivery outside the Petroplex, our rate is $1.45 per mile each way. Our delivery distances are limited only by your budget.

We're having a ground breaking ceremony. Do you have a PA system that is battery-powered?

Yes, both our Anchor Ensign lectern and Anchor Liberty sound systems can be powered by internal rechargable battery systems. Either system can operate for up to 4 hours on a charge. With their self-contained charging systems, you can easily recharge them yourself if you've rented a system for multiple events.

I need to show a Powerpoint presentation on multiple screens. Can you do this?

Yes, we have the projectors, screens, and XGA distribution capable of presenting computer, video, overheads, or any combination to multiple projectors and TVs at once.

Can I add video sources to the multi-screen presentation?

Certainly! With our Presentation Switcher, we can seamlessly switch between multiple video and/or computer sources.

Where is Midland, TX?

Midland is on Interstate 20, directly between El Paso and Fort Worth (300 miles either way.) We are 120 miles due South of Lubbock, 20 miles East of Odessa. Google Map

Why isn't this site complete yet?

Our customers come first, so we have to update this as time allows.


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